Securing data in the
Perimeter-less Era

Simple and direct data protection

The REST API model implemented in our product stack gives your data unprecedented protection in a very straightforward method. Simply point the product config to some of your storage and start calling our API's.

White label true security for your apps with our fully managed, complete, data protection platform for your apps

Secure your data like a pro

nTropic Security Inc. was founded to proactively and intelligently provide the deepest and most advanced levels of protection to files, crown jewel digital assets, data at rest, and data in transit. Through it's flagship product, KDisperse™, this objective has been reached. KDisperse™ implements a secure perimeter-less enterprise by introducing a modern, innovative, and disruptive approach to data protection and information privacy.

Product Methodology

KDisperse™ works by heavily, and randomly, obfuscating and dispersing a data set that is to be protected. The integral parts of the overall process (embodied in a patent pending algorithm) are entropy based and have as a core principle that of leaving no pattern whereupon an attacker can effectively reconstruct the original data set (even in the face of a storage breach). Disparate customer owned storage locations, preferably in the form of a hybrid (on-premise and cloud) ecosystem, are leveraged to disperse the obfuscated shards further mitigating the likelihood of data leakage when an entity is protected by KDisperse™. During the reconstruction process entropy is also used as the obfuscation layers are reversed such that an authorized entity has total access to the original data set.


The use of Entropy (both as deception technology and as an anti-pattern mechanism) is at the heart of KDisperse™


The use of disinformation is a core tenet of KDisperse™. This deception technology technique imposes on attackers the added challenge of trying to decipher what data (at the lowest levels) is real and what is not


Obfuscation, via Entropy based encryption, is a very powerful technique employed by KDisperse™ truly raising an attackers work factor to unprecedented levels

About the Product

Using a patent-pending secure information dispersal algorithm KDisperse™ secures data by using advanced techniques coupled with multiple storage endpoints (under your control).

In essence, data is protected in a very advanced fashion such that:

- Attack work factors are extremely high

- Your attack surface is reduced dramatically

- All storage is still yours and under your control

We are confident that KDisperse™ will render all but the most extreme attacking entities powerless over the data it protects.

What KDisperse™ does

provides simple yet powerful security for your data

KDisperse™ aims to seamlessly provide your data with a strong security posture while not increasing the complexity necessary in order to achieve that goal

How it's done:

  • 1. Setup storage

  • 2. Deploy and configure KDisperse™

  • 3. Use the solution


KDisperse™ uses your storage. Share a number of endpoints as mountable via SMB/CIFS or NFS. The more endpoints we use the stronger the security as it amplifies one of the deception technologies introduced


Deploy and configure KDisperse™


Start using KDisperse™ via the REST API’s exposed to you

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